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Africa, South Korea and the Russian Federation will start an AVSYS training in AVACI countries

The DGK (Directors Guild of Korea) society, the Russian Guild of Screenwriters and APASER (Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors) will implement the AVSYS operating system. Delegations from the three regions will soon travel to AVACI (Audiovisual Authors International Confederation) countries already using the system for an AVSYS training. The AVACI member societies currently using AVSYS are: REDES and DASC (Colombia), ATN, (Chile), GEDAR and DBCA (Brazil) and DAC (Argentina).

AVSYS operating system was created by and for Audiovisual Authors in order to promote the integration of works worldwide, their registration and the centralization of authors' right collection information, among many other functions. It will be distributed for free by AVACI to all Audiovisual Authors worldwide in nine different languages.

An audiovisual demonstration on the use of the AVSYS system, presented by Daniel Di Napoli, IT Director of DAC (General Association of Audiovisual and Film Authors and Directors) will soon be available. The material will be translated into the official languages of AVACI and will be distributed for free to each member society of the Confederation.

Both the Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors (APASER), as well as representatives of the Directors Guild of Korea will visit DAC’s offices in Buenos Aires for training in late February, 2022. In early March, also in Buenos Aires, the first face-to-face meeting of the AVACI Executive Council will take place. As the restrictions due to the pandemic begin to ease, the joint work of the Audiovisual Authors of the world, in the fight for their rights, is advancing day by day.


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