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Andrea Purgatori: farewell to a friend of the authors

The international alliances and societies, which are part of AVACI, are deeply sorry for the departure of the talented Italian writer, journalist, actor and screenwriter, Andrea Purgatori, who passed away at the age of 70 on Wednesday, July 19.

Born in Rome in 1953, Andrea Purgatori was a leading figure in the entertainment and communication industry. His career covered multiple aspects and he left an indelible mark on journalism, literature, films and television. For twenty years, he served as a war correspondent in the Near East for the newspaper Corriere della Sera, being recognized for his courage and insight in the coverage of conflicts and complex realities.

His passion for telling stories also led him to explore the world of film and television. As a screenwriter, he showed an acute ability to capture the essence of characters and the complexities of human life in his works. One of his most outstanding works was “Il muro di gomma” (1991), a film based on his own research about the tragic massacre occurred in Ustica in 1980. The film received great critical acclaim and obtained the prestigious Nastro d'argento award for best script.

Another of his remarkable film achievements was “Il giudice ragazzino” (1994), which focused on the life of the brave judge Rosario Livatino, murdered by the Sicilian mafia. The film was acclaimed for its insightful approach on the fight against corruption and the mafia in Italy, and awarded Purgatori the Golden Globe for best script.

In addition to addressing issues of crime and corruption, Andrea Purgatori also left his mark on the dramatic genre with the film “L'industriale” (2011). The film, directed by Giuliano Montaldo, tells the story of an ambitious businessman who must deal with a series of ethical and personal dilemmas. The film was acclaimed by critics and highlighted the ability of Purgatori to explore the complexity of characters and moral quandaries.

His contribution to the Italian movies was not only limited to his scripts. Purgatori performed as an actor and stood out in secondary roles in movies such as “Fascisti su Marte” (2006) and “Posti in piedi in paradiso” (2012), directed by Carlo Verdone. His presence on the screen was always remarkable, and he provided authenticity and depth to each character he performed.

The talent of Andrea Purgatori was also appreciated in the television field. Apart from hosting shows like “Uno di notte” (Rai 1, 1999) and “Confini” (Rai 3, 1996), he was a versatile actor who took part in several television productions. His performance in the renowned series “Boris” and in the miniseries “Lampedusa- Dall'orizzonte in poi” (2016), highlighted his acting skills.

Defender of creators’ rights

His contribution to the film industry was also remarkable when he held leadership positions as a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Film Academy and of the European Film Academy.

Moreover, he represented Italian Film Authors as a member of the Board of Directors of SIAE, working to defend and promote the rights of creators in the industry.

Andrea Purgatori left an indelible legacy in the Italian and international culture. His talent as a writer and screenwriter went beyond borders and his works were included in the official selection of world-renowned film festivals, including the Venice Film Festival, the Berlin Festival, the Rome Festival, the Biarritz Festival, the Monte Carlo Festival and the Shanghai Festival.

His departure leaves a void in the art and communication world, but his work will endure as evidence of his creative genius and of his tireless passion for telling stories that captivated audiences of all ages. The legacy of Andrea Purgatori will continue to inspire future generations of writers and screenwriters, who will find in his work an example to follow and a reference in the struggle for the rights of audiovisual authors.


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