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AVACI: Audiovisual Authors International Confederation launches its official online Platform

The official Platform is already available at AVACI’s Website, Audiovisual Authors International Confederation.

As of today, the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation (AVACI) – the organization that brings societies all around the world together for the defense of Audiovisual Authors’ rights- presents its online platform at The Website, designed for an agile and intuitive use, is available in nine different languages (Spanish, English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin) and it was designed by Audiovisual Authors to be used by them and their technical teams.

The Platform is easy to navigate and it is accessible from any device. The content of AVACI’s new platform introduces a new and solid international information basis, which shall work as a support for those societies that are commencing the path towards the protection of Audiovisual Authors’ rights in their countries and do not have the necessary information to take the first steps.

The platform offers a series of documents and books for free download that provide key tools and information for collecting societies to commence the defense of their rights in different parts of the world, and, at the same time, they have available the latest international new, objectives, future actions and Audiovisual International Confederation campaigns, as well as different Alliances, Federation and Societies.

On the other hand, AVACI’s platform has a lot of detailed information about the right to remuneration, frequently asked questions about the protection of audiovisual works and specifications about third parties’ usage. Also, the platform devotes a whole section to AVSYS operating system, which shall be distributed internationally for free by AVACI, since it is a non-profit international civil organization, to encourage the integration of audiovisual works through the local record of a database of Audiovisual Authors and their works all around the world, the centralization of information about the identification of Audiovisual Authors and the societies to which they belong, in addition to the visualization of their works, among other features.

After a long development and a complex interdisciplinary work, the new official Website of this Confederation, integrated by five continental alliances- Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Eurasia and Latin America-, is established as a source of information of crucial importance to unify the defense of Authors’ rights of Directors and Screenwriters around the world who state the following: “To defend Audiovisual Authors is to defend the culture of each country, and that invisible bond unite us as people and represents us in ways of thinking and ways of living.”

The launch of this platform shall strengthen the cooperation among Authors of the five continents for the management of these rights and it is a significant step towards the historic event that is the creation of the Confederation.


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