AWGACS, AWG and Screenrights agree settlement of dispute


AWGACS, AWG and Screenrights agree settlement of dispute

The Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society (AWGACS), Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) and Screenrights have settled their Federal Court dispute

The three organisations have entered into a settlement agreement which will see them working together for the benefit of screenwriters and the industry as a whole.

The parties have jointly welcomed the settlement and are pleased that the dispute has been resolved amicably for the benefit of their stakeholders.

AWGACS, AWG and Screenrights said they looked forward to working together to ensure that the interests of local and international screenwriters are protected and all rightsholders are paid their entitlements equitably, efficiently and accurately.

The terms of the settlement Deed are confidential and no party will be providing any further public comment on its contents.

The Australian Writers’ Guild is the professional association representing writers for stage, screen, radio and online and has protected and promoted their creative and professional interests for more than 50 years.

Established by the Australian Writers’ Guild in 1996, AWGACS is a not-for-profit collecting society for screenwriters. AWGACS collects and distributes international and domestic royalties for Australian and New Zealand writers.

Screenrights was established in 1990 to administer provisions of the Australian Copyright Act that require educational institutions and government departments to pay royalties for radio and TV programs they use or copy. The organization also collects royalties from pay TV companies who retransmit free-to-air programs.


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