Collection of Audiovisual Author’s Rights of VOD platforms is increasing

European guidelines at the time established a two-year deadline so each nation could implement this regulation according to its national legislation, but some countries such as France have already complied and are charging streaming services such as Google, YouTube and Netflix.

This process has been positive for many other nations who use it as a precedent to amend their national laws and regulations, irrespective of the fact that they may not belong to the European Economic Community and in order to collect and distribute rights for the use of all types of audiovisual works in digital services for public broadcast streamed via the internet and cable television services, based on digital technologies broadcast and operated via the internet.

The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a very large audience, due to mandatory stay-at-home orders worldwide, and has generated the massive consumption of audiovisual content, which has accelerated the collection process from these platforms which was being delayed but demanded by authors, screenwriters and directors from all over the world.

The crucial significance of films, series and other types of programmes is evident in this era and in this new digital paradigm and they, in turn, have audiovisual author’s rights which must be duly compensated as stated in the campaign for fair remuneration that most of the world’s societies of collective management begun many years ago.

We hope that all efforts made are understood worldwide, since the success of an audiovisual work depends on the authors’ input and is the basis for them to be fairl y and deservedly remunerated for the public broadcasting of those audiovisual works.

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