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Croatian Directors and a campaign against censorship!

The Croatian Directors CMO, DHFR, launches an important national and international campaign, against the censorship that the Croatian National Television HRT imposes on their country. Support Croatian Authors resisting the Censorship!

The biggest problem that Croatian film directors have been facing for years now has to do with the Croatian National Television which systematically neglects its legal obligations without any sanctions. During last three years HRT – the Croatian National Broadcaster – declined to respect the minimum intake quota of European and national works, systematically refusing to honour its cultural and industrial obligations, as provided in the national Croatian legislation.

Faced with this issue, Croatian filmmakers launched a campaign with a motto: I’D LIKE TO WATCH THAT. HRT SAYS – NYET! The aim of the campaign is to support 34 films, all of them having recently been rejected by Croatian National Television on their public call for documentary films. In their trailers, filmmakers point out 370 international and national festivals and 90 awards already attributed to these outstanding works. Harsh ideological wording of official refusals that were addressed to the rejected producers and authors are as insulting as they are dangerous, and they seriously jeopardise creative freedoms in Croatia. Campaign addresses social networks and press with an appeal for competent and transparent management of 180 million EUR of HRT obligatory public fee based budget and, more to the point, addresses the necessity of distinctive change in HRT policies and practices, more in compliance with European directives and Croatian cultural and broadcasting legislation.

Only several days after the commencement of the campaign I’D LIKE TO WATCH THAT. HRT SAYS – NYET!the authors and producers of several rejected films have received direct buyout offers from HRT which has once again decided to abuse the direct call, which is something that happens on a regular basis. HRT continues neglecting their role of the public media service, while at the same time they threaten the very existence of Croatian filmmakers. This MUST be stopped.

Croatian filmmakers, supported by Croatian journalists, filmmakers from Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, free media and democratic public, now address the wider international public. We are looking for allies and help, since the Croatian government has been turning a blind eye to the problem for too long.


Antonio Nuić – Presidente de la Sociedad de Croatas de Directores


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