Day of Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Societies – Bogotá 2016

Within the framework of the CISAC Latin America and Caribbean Committee, a Day of Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Societies was held. Many audiovisual directors and screenwriters from around the world attended the event.

A large number of authors and authorities from several entities devoted to collective management that are organized around CISAC participated in the day

For the first time held in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, the CISAC Latin American and Caribbean Committee was held on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of April. Many important authors and authorities from collective management organizations from around the world gathered for the meeting, with one single objective: the defense of the rights of authors in Latin America. The above mentioned committee was carried out within the framework of a very significant moment for Colombia and its immersion in the rights of authors, where DASC, Colombian Society of Audiovisual Directors, is in the middle of its fight for fair compensation for the author’s rights that belong to all Colombian Directors.

DASC, as host society and with the support of ADAL (Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance) and Writers and Directors Worldwideand within the framework of the CISAC committee, offered the Day of Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Societies for the participants. It was held on the 19th of April and was attended by a great many people, not only by the authorities of management societies from around the world, but by a large number of Colombian authors associated with DASC who, in support of their society, called for the rights that belong to them. Among other subjects, the Pepe Sánchez Law was presented and made public during the Day. It is a law that is a DASC initiative, which supports the rights of Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters, a law that considers the compensation for the authors each time that their creations are used for financial ends. The author who gives his name to the bill, the famous Colombian Director Pepe Sánchez (Luis Guillermo Sánchez), was present and received a highly emotional ovation.

We support the Pepe Sánchez Law, in the hope that Colombian authors receive the just compensation which belongs to them and is their right given the use and retransmission of their works.



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