HISTORICAL! EU Copyright Directive was adopted

On March 26th, the European Parliament adopted the Copyright Directive in the digital single market. Undoubtedly, a historic victory for the Creators and European culture.

With 348 votes in favor and 274 against, being a historic vote on a balanced text that strengthens the rights of the European Creators, the European Parliament today adopted the Copyrights Directive in the single market digital, thus preserving the future of author’s rights on the Internet.

The Directive also announces the introduction of new obligations that are aimed at the main online platforms

Article 17 (formerly article 13) requires that these platforms conclude agreements with the rights holders that must be paid when a user publishes a work (a text, a song, a movie …) that have rights.

The text reestablishes the balance of power between Creators and the main online platforms will have to be transcribed into national legislation by all countries of the European Union within two years.

This not only represents a success of the European Creators, but a historic step for World Culture.

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