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The AVACI Administrative Committee will meet in Madrid in September with SGAE as the host society

The first meeting of the Administrative Committee of the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation (AVACI) will be held in the city of Madrid, Spain, between September 18 and 20, 2023, with the prestigious General Society of Audiovisual Authors and Editors (SGAE) as host society. The event will be carried out in the iconic Longoria Palace, where one of the offices of SGAE is located, and it is considered historical heritage of the Spanish capital.

The following members of the Administrative Council of AVACI were invited to participate:

-Klemen Dvornik - President of AIPA and Screenwriter and Film Director from Slovenia, President of AVACI.

-Yoon Jung Lee - Director from South Korea, 1st Vice President of AVACI.

-Miguel Ángel Diani - Screenwriter and President of ARGENTORES, Argentina,

AVACI 2º Vicepresident.

-Horacio Maldonado - Director and Screenwriter, General Secretary of DAC, Argentina,

AVACI General Secretary.

-Laza Razanajatovo - Director and Screenwriter, President of APASER, Institutional Coordinator of AVACI

-Anja Unger - Film Screenwriter and Director, France, LA SCAM member.

-Gregor Stibernik - Executive Director of AIPA in Slovenia, President of the Legal and Technical Committee of AVACI.

-Dominik Skoczek - Executive Director of ZAPA in Poland, Member of the Legal and Technical Committee of AVACI.

-Hervé Rony - General Director of LA SCAM in France.

-Dr. Adriana Saldarriaga - Representative of DASC from Colombia, Member of the Legal and Technical Committee of AVACI.

The main purpose of this meeting is to focus on the protection of authors’ rights and on the promotion of audiovisual authors internationally.

The collaboration between AVACI and SGAE, which will be hosted by the playwright and screenwriter for film and television, Antonio Onetti, President of the Spanish entity, seeks to strengthen the global cooperation and to foster creativity and cultural diversity in the world of cinema. The Longoria Palace will be the ideal place for this event, located in a city with a cultural enriching environment and suitable for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

During these three days, the participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge, to discuss strategies and to generate alliances that may contribute to the development and protection of audiovisual authors from around the world.


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