Chile: Audiovisual Authors and ATN authors achieve their first agreement with local cable operators

After an exemplary ruling by the Supreme Court of Chile confirming the unquestionable right of audiovisual authors to charge previously announced authors´ rights rates, cable TV companies have been the first to come to an agreement with authors.

Ricardo Larrain- Chilean Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Editor

This ends the first chapter with users being designated to collect and distribute authors’ rights corresponding to authors of both local and international audiovisual materials. That is, for the public exhibition of these materials on cable networks and systems that are parallel to these in Chile.

ATN ( Sociedad de Directores Audiovisuales, Guionistas y Dramaturgos), the entity which together with FESAAL ( Federación de Sociedades de Autores Audiovisuales Latinoamericanos), headed the struggle that led to the passage of the Ricardo Larrain Law for the right of audiovisual authors, screenwriters and directors to remuneration, has announced that it is very pleased by this new development since it will put the organization on a better footing in the remaining chapters of the fight for the audiovisual authors’ right.

Authors in Latin America and around the world have congratulated their colleagues in the Republic of Chile on this new achievement that enhances the dignity and value of authors in their role as audiovisual creators.