MOSFILM Studios of RUSSIA welcomes the W&DW Creators Council.

In the framework of the meeting with the Executive Committee of W&DW, its member authors, have been invited to meet the nearly century-old MOSFILM Studios.

From Left to Right: Silvana Jarmoluk – International Delegate W&DW, Karén Shajnazárov – Director General MOSFILM, Horacio Maldonado – President W&DW, Yves Nilly – Vice-President W&DW and Erik Valdes-Martines – Deputy General Director RUR

On October 24, as part of the meetings of the W&DW Executive Committee in the city of Moscow, its member authors were invited by the General Director of MOSFILM Studios, Karén Shajnazárov, winner of important international awards, Russian-Armenian film director, screenwriter and producer, who became the General Director of these studios in 1998, to visit the facilities of one of the most historic and largest film studios in the world.

Founded in 1920, MOSFILM produced more than 3000 films of the most important authors of the Russian Federation, until the end of the Soviet Union.

Mosfilm Studios | Editing Study – Mosfilm | Authors of W&DW within Mosfilm headquarters

In recent years, these studios have modernized their production capabilities and technical conditions, with the most advanced digital equipment in Mosfilm Sound Studio.

The company has the first re-recording studios in the world to receive the Dolby Premier Studio quality certificate from Dolby Laboratories Company in 2006.

Not only do they have the editing and mastering room with the best technology, but they also created unique museums with historical costumes and automobiles from all periods. It is the only studio which has kept its archive of films and carries out a large number of restoration works of films from its gold collection with its own technical and economic resources.

The renowned Director Karén Shajnazarov has received the authors in person with a welcome cocktail to the city of Moscow and to these historic studios. In a brief exchange he has showed interest in the actions that W&DW takes around the world and the importance that the defense of copyright has for the Culture of a country and its audiovisual industry.


Photos: W&DW / RUR

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