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Next W&DW Annual Congress – Algiers 2018 – 16th-17th April

Writers and Directors Worldwide – W&DW – will hold its Next Annual Congress to be held in the city of Algiers – Algeria, Africa – next April 16th and 17th.

The congress will be held at the Sofitel Hamma Garden Hotel in the framework of the International Creativity Fair where W & DW will not only have the presence of the Minister of Culture Mr. Azzedine Mihoubi – but also with recognized local and global authors, in order to be able to offer workshops, discussion tables, show the actions that W & DW has been carrying since its inception, but also, the actions carried out by each of the member societies of this International Council of Creators.

The event will be attended by its current President – Horacio Maldonado – (Argentine Director and Screenwriter, DAC Argentina General Secretary, its current Vice President Yves Nilly (French Screenwriter and SACD member ) together with its new Executive Committee:

Regional Alliance:

Observer Members:

The event will be received and co-coordinated by the National Office of Copyright and Related Rights – ONDA – hosts in this event, in the hands of its General Director – Sami Bencheikh, where – in view of strengthening ties , as well as support to the regional alliance APASER – Panafrican Alliance of Writers and Directors together with its President Laza – W&DW will gather all these societies of dramatic, literary and audiovisual authors in one place, being received by the Minister of Culture of that country Mr. Azzedine Mihoubi.

Within the agenda items that occupies this CISAC´s Creators Council, one of the topics to be discussed, will be the model of the collective management society of the audiovisual repertoire and the remuneration of its authors, which ONDA is carrying out in its country.

It will also be very important that the Regional Alliances and Authors’ Societies present and especially invited: ADAL Alliance of Latin American Audiovisual Directors / APASER Panafrican Alliance of Writers and Directors / SAA European Society of Audiovisual Authors / FERA Federation of European Film Directors / FSE The Writers’ Federation in Europe – can establish links and know what the problems are in each of their territories. The importance in the creation of an Asia-Pacific Regional Alliance that protects all the authors of its region.

Being that the audiovisual is increasingly widespread throughout the world, its creators hope to be able to discuss in this meeting questions that are the basis of their income and that are contained in the Author Rights concept and its fair remuneration throughout the world.


Photos of Algiers by:

  1. Damien Boilley, Algiers coast, CC BY 2.0

  2. The original uploader was Mehnimalik at French Wikipedia, Makamelchahid, CC BY-SA 3.0

  3. Ludovic Courtès, Alger-Grande-Poste-1, CC BY-SA 3.0

  4. The original uploader was Mehnimalik at French Wikipedia, NOTRE DAME D’AFRIQUE.ALGER, CC BY-SA 3.0

  5. Damouns (Damien Boilley), Alger front de mer, CC BY 2.0

  6. Damouns (Damien Boilley) from France, Algeri08, CC BY 2.0

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