Plan to Recover Argentine Films

Based on the information gathered from among all the Directors and Titleholders represented (over 1,125 to date), which basically involves all cinematographic works, DAC was able to determine the true and alarming state of preservation of the Argentine audiovisual heritage. These works must be saved, both those that were originally recorded using 35 or 16 mm negative film, as well as those recorded digitally that are stored provisionally in the most varied, unstable and insecure formats and media.

Faced with this situation, DAC analyzed various options, with the participation of both the public and private sector, in order to implement a PLAN TO RECOVER ARGENTINE FILMS (PLAN DE RECUPERACIÓN DE PELÍCULAS ARGENTINAS). Works that are currently dying out and can no longer be shown without an adequate and careful restoration and 4K remastering, with the highest international quality, so that they may be “brought back to life”, shown and sold in national and international markets around the world. With no limiting borders, with the logic and subsequent generation and renewal of income for its producers, as well as the authors’ rights for the authors, in the different fields.

It is an extremely difficult challenge, but an absolutely imperative one, because our cinema has practically disappeared from 2K screens around the world, since it is mostly in SD (PAL) formats and even has a 4:3 aspect ratio. It is worth noting, to gain perspective, that PAL has a 0.4 Megapixel resolution, compared to the 2 and 8 Megapixel resolutions of FullHD and UltraHD, respectively. That is to say, most Argentine films at this time have a master that is 20 times smaller than UltraHD as their only digital format.

We have to strengthen our cinema, so that the works of its creators as audiovisual authors can continue to exit and compete, on the same level, with the rest of the technically updated works. So that they may generate all the potential for cultural and financial benefits in the most diverse screens and mediums, including at the highest national and international level.

We propose to start a journey to recover and restore Argentine films, modernizing and enhancing the audiovisual works of our cinematography, which will also preserve the authors’ rights to the films, which have stopped being issued due to the technological changes in how they are showed.

We understand it to be an essential task, because over 17 years since the law was passed and 6 years since the decree that regulates it was signed, there is still no National Film Archive or official policy regarding the restoration and preservation of the audiovisual heritage of our country.

In over 100 years of cinema history, the formats and mediums used to make and show films have changed drastically.

The features of the systems for projecting, showing and registering change year to year. Because of this, it is important to restore all films to 4K resolution to return them to life and give them the technological and commercial chance to be shown worldwide today, and in the future.

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