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The Audiovisual Directors of Colombia celebrated the inauguration of their own headquarters

After several years of intense work, the entity Directors Audiovisuals–Colombian Society of Management (DASC) is preparing for a new milestone in its ongoing struggle: having its own headquarters. The new space, located at Calle 98 #22-64 (Edificio Calle 100 – PH) in Bogotá, represents a landmark for Colombian film and television directors and promises to be a significant contribution to the ongoing efforts to defend author’s rights.

The acquisition of the property was made possible when the National Directorate of Author’s Rights accepted DASC's request. Thus, the organization, which brings together Colombia's audiovisual creators, was able to use a small percentage of the Social Welfare reserve funds to purchase 200 square meters spread across three offices in a building.

In total, the entity invested approximately $375,000 between the purchase and renovation of the new headquarters, joining six other Colombian Management Societies that already have their own spaces.

Mario Mitrotti, President of DASC, at the new headquarters of the organization, surrounded by the Board of Directors: Yuldor Gutiérrez (Member), Gilberto Valderrama (Treasurer), Camila Loboguerrero (General Secretary), and Teresa Saldarriaga (Vice President), accompanied by the Legal Advisor, Dr. Adriana Saldarriaga

Realization of a dream and a well-deserved recognition

The inauguration ceremony took place on May 9 and was attended by numerous audiovisual directors who are part of DASC. Among them was Mario Mitrotti, president and executive director of the organization, who passed away just 10 days after achieving this dream for the entity (see tribute note). Also present at the inauguration were the vice president of the entity, Teresa Saldarriaga; the general secretary, Camila Loboguerrero; and the doctor and legal advisor, Adriana Saldarriaga.

It was Mario Mitrotti who had the honor of cutting the inaugural ribbon of this much-desired space for its members. On that day, he expressed his "happiness" for two reasons: firstly, because “in a short time, it was possible to obtain and restore a place of our own that will serve for specific activities of the organization.” Secondly, he was pleased with the economic recognition that the management society was able to grant to distinguished Colombian filmmakers, many of whom are over 70 years old and no longer active due to their advanced age.

“We were able to give them a bonus for their great work, which laid the foundations of Colombian cinema, television, and audiovisual production,” said Mario Mitrotti about the financial assistance of over $5,000 that DASC provided to the pioneers of Colombian audiovisual production, who were highly influential between the 1960s and 1990s.

The auditorium of the new DASC headquarters, during the ceremony

According to the entity's authorities, this distribution was made possible thanks to the money raised through the Social Welfare area. Additionally, it was directed at Colombia's pioneering directors who currently cannot collect royalties because their works predate Law No. 1835 (Pepe Sánchez Law) enacted in 2017.

“They deserve not only this bonus but all our gratitude and support,” said the president of DASC regarding his colleagues.

For her part, Teresa Saldarriaga, vice president of DASC, also expressed her joy for the space and its realization after hard work. “We feel that in a very short time we achieved something very important,” she said regarding the headquarters located in northern Bogotá, which also represents savings from money previously allocated to renting a place.

“This is the money of all the associates, and I feel it is a great investment,” said Saldarriaga, while detailing that the new space has several services for the free use of directors, such as screening rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

The pioneering Colombian directors on stage, having received financial aid from their company DASC

Another figure who expressed her excitement about the day was Camila Loboguerrero, the secretary general of DASC, who celebrated that the society could finally have its "own roof."

Likewise, Loboguerrero referred to the financial assistance given to filmmakers excluded from the Pepe Sánchez Law, which, according to her, was an initiative proposed by one of the members during an assembly. 

“It is very nice to be able to give a financial incentive to our colleagues,” added the secretary general.

The legal advisor, Adriana Saldarriaga, meanwhile, assured that this achievement demonstrates “the good management carried out by the board of directors and the society itself.” She added: “Having our own headquarters where directors can share their work, have interaction dynamics among themselves, and approach the society is phenomenal and I believe it is a great first step for the management society.”

Vice President Teresa Saldarriaga and the Secretary General of DASC Camila Loboguerrero presented plaques of recognition to the former Deputy Doctor Clara Rojas and the Secretary General of DAC Argentina Horacio Maldonado

Finally, during the inauguration, DASC presented an acknowledgment to former deputy Clara Rojas, who was of great help to the entity in the process of implementing and enacting the Pepe Sánchez Law. Simultaneously, recognition was also given to the secretary general of Directores Argentinos Cinematográficos (DAC), Horacio Maldonado, for his support in the creation project of what is now Directores Audiovisuales–Sociedad Colombiana de Gestión.

Having its own headquarters is a great step and a dream come true for Colombian directors, at the same time it will remain in memory as the last achievement achieved by director Mario Mitrotti - along with Ley Pepe Sánchez - who guided the fate of DASC until his passing.


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