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The Latin American and Caribbean Committee gathers lots of musicians, filmmakers and playwrights

Last April, a new meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee was held in the city of Antigua, Guatemala.

From April 23th to 26th, a meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee CISAC was held once again, which brings together Spanish-speaking societies with the aim of continuing to strengthen the defense of author’s rights throughout the territory. As already a few years ago, the Committee was chaired by Victor Yunes and accompanied by the Regional Director, Dr. Santiago Schuster, along with more than 36 participating societies and a large number of authors from different repertoires.

United with a single objective, on the 23th the Committee inaugurated its first day, taking place the Meeting of Audiovisual Societies, a meeting that brings together audiovisual CMOs, where Screenwriters and Directors tell of their progress in the Latin American territory, their difficulties in each of their countries and their objectives for the coming months. From this meeting has born a new Latin American Alliance of Writers and Playwrights, unprecedented: ALGyD. Latin America already has two Alliances that will give strength and help to other societies in the territory: ADAL and ALGyD.

During the following days the Conference was held with numerous panels composed of authors and technical experts in the field, who gave the participants tools of interest on current author’s rights in the territory. The participating societies presented their conflicts requesting a resolution of global aid, such as advice on tariff agreements with large international users; political support for societies struggling to qualify as CMOs; support and adhesion to societies that are threatened by large corporations; development plans for emerging societies; etc.

Finally, the comitte ended by presenting the objectives and projects to be carried out in the coming months, based on training courses and seminars, socialization campaigns, studies on the needs of the CMOs in certain areas, etc.




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