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W&DW creates a new Asia – Pacific Alliance AAPA- Tokyo 2019

Reunited in Tokyo, and within the frame of their Executive Council annual meeting, W&DW promotes the rights of Authors, Directors and Screenwriters through the constitution of a new Asia – Pacific Alliance, adding on to the already created and successful ADAL for Latin America, and APASER for Africa.

Video also available with japanese and korean subtitles.

On 27 and 28th may, the members of the Writers & Directors Worldwide (W&DW) Executive Committee, supported by the representatives of the alliances ADAL and APASER , flew to Tokyo to celebrate the W&DW Executive Committee reunion, carried out in the host offices JASRAC – Japanese Society of Authors, Composers and Editors ´Rights– where the members of the Asia – Pacific region unions were receptioned: DGJ – Directors Guild of JapanAustralian Directors Guild, Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society, Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society, Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand, Directors Guild of Korea, with the aim of establishing a dialogue and boosting the means of subsistence of Authors in the region.

During this encounter, W&DW confirmed a new Alliance: Alliance of Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Writers and Directors: AAPA, committed to defending audiovisual creators of the Asia Pacific region in an independent and unbiased manner. The AAPA adds to the already formed alliances which, belonging to their creators council, successfully operate in their territories – ADAL in Latin America and APASER in Africa.

W&DW collaborated as well with the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Directors Guild of Korea (DGK), signed by its Presidents Yves Nilly – President W&DW – and Min Kyu-dong – President of DGK – agreeing to endorse tighter cooperation, to reinforce the protection of Authors ´Rights in Korea, inviting the members of DGK to participate in W&DW activities and to collaborate in the consolidation of the new Asia – Pacific Alliance AAPA.


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