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W&DW visits and meets in the offices of Director’s Guild of Japan in Tokyo

Within the frame of the Executive Council meeting, gathered in Tokyo, the authors member of W&DW and its alliances ADAL and APASER, visited the offices of the Directors ´Guild of Japan (DGJ)

Since its creation in 1936, the Directors ‘Guild of Japan has promoted growth in the field of cinematography and films, and has worked to foster the means of living of its Audiovisual Directors, thus establishing and protecting authors ´rights of Directors, to impulse creativity and artistic freedom.

Sai Yoichi – President of the Directors ‘Guild of Japan (DGJ) – opened the meeting detailing the challenges and situations which creators face in their respective countries, sharing and exchanging valuable information together with the members of the W&DW executive Council , as to how to collaborate with the new Asia – Pacific Alliance, and to strengthen the region. For that purpose, the present members of FESAAL – Federation of Societies of Latin America Audiovisual Authors – were fundamental, referring to the history of the Federation and its advance in the region, that today assembles more than 10 management societies of Latin America, sharing with their partners the necessary steps for the development and support to Audiovisual Authors.

All parties agreed with W&DW in their intent for collaboration with Asia – Pacific authors, so that they can fully Access their rights as Audiovisual Authors.

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