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AN INCOMPARABLE PROGRESS: DASC has been approved as Management Society by the Colombian Government

DASC – Directors Colombia – has been legally authorized in its legal status. The Colombian Directors now have a legal authorization as a CMO, ready for collecting and distributing author’s rights.

The society was formed 5 years ago and now, with 10 reciprocal agreements and more than 270 authors with registered work, DASC – Directors Colombia – and after 3 years of fighting for its empowerment as a CMO, it has done it again: DASC has obtained its legal status and is now qualified as a CMO that collects the rights of Colombian Directors in its territory and around the world.

Among so many struggles, DASC, throughout these years and since its inception, has managed to achieve the proposed objectives. Each of the steps taken has been in favor of the Colombian Authors consecrating the highly acclaimed Law Pepe Sánchez, which having filed its project in 2016, and having its sanction in 2017, achieved a record time for the sanction of a law anywhere in the world. The aforementioned law protects the rights of the Directors and Screenwriters, bearing their name thanks to Pepe Sánchez, a Colombian iconic Author and a fighter for rights in his territory.

In the hands of its President, the Film Director Mario Mitrotti, its board of Directors, and together with its Legal Director Dra. Adriana Saldarriaga, DASC – Directors Colombia – has had an unparalleled step within the Latin American territory. We congratulate and honor the effort and dedication of all its authors.


Photos: DASC


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