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Brazil: “Our sacred Author’s Rights” ever closer!

After a long struggle to obtain a fair remuneration, the Brazilian audiovisual creators are one step closer to achieving.

At the best moment: the Ministry of Culture has just publicly expressed the claim of moral right that for years encourages hundreds of audiovisual creators (film / TV / animation directors, writers and artists) given the urgent need for the payment of sacred rights of author each time our audiovisual has public communication.

It is a historical claim (at present, it is invaluable to conquer the musicians), without any political, partisan or ideological connotation, but of an authorial prevalence that is going to mask the four million creators scattered across the five continents who benefit from it goes back to the Illuminists, and is a stony clause of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948). As a sentence the Chilean jurist, Santiago Schuster: “Creators without author’s rights is the same as citizens without political rights.”

Thus, for the first time in Brazilian cinema, hundreds of creators who sign and interpret thousands of audiovisual works exhibited among us and exported to almost 200 countries, will rise to a civilizing level that monitors between authors and audiovisual authors from Latin American countries. Latina, Canada, Europe / East, Africa, Middle East, Asia / Pacific. It is a conquest that feeds us, because it legitimizes, from now on, that we cover and receive author’s rights in all environments and platforms, especially online, because it is in it that the greatest illegality is configured by the unsuitable appropriation of our talent and expertise without due and just compensation.

The hour has arrived!

To do this, the author’s rights Law, which is our unavoidable Magna Carta since 1998 and ensures our rights to public communication, now in the process of being applied according to the legal-institutional rites foreseen and approved by the Ministry of Culture, goes to represent a gigantic financial economic aggregator, both for the breeders and for the entire productive and reproductive chain of this strategic segment of the country. A success announced as never before seen in the Brazilian audiovisual!

Sylvio Back é cineasta e roteirista (Foto de Ana Paula Amorim/Divulgação)



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