Calling all CISAC authors

Tell the EU today that the world’s creators are watching Europe

Creators’ signatures are needed now on EU proposals that will impact on authors globally.

The European Parliament is preparing to vote on one of the most important pieces of legislation for creators from all artistic fields in the last 20 years.

With a historic vote coming up on June 21, it is time for CISAC societies to send a message to your creators: the world’s creators are watching Europe!

Please join the tens thousands of authors who have already petitioned their elected EU officials to support better protection of their rights.

The landmark draft “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” will have an impact globally. We ask everyone who cares about creators’ rights to sign the following petitions:

  • on the Transfer of Value/Value Gap: Please sign to support a legislative proposal that will bring fair negotiating rights for creators from all sectors when their works are used by services such as YouTube. If followed, the rights of millions of authors to be rewarded when their works are used by big technology companies will be clarified and strengthened. More than 27,000 creators from various artistic sectors have signed already.

  • Support Europe’s Screenwriters and Directors. Please sign to support the introduction of an unwaivable right to remuneration for audiovisual creators when their works are being viewed on on-demand video platform’s such as Netflix. This will make all the difference for European audiovisual authors to make a living from their films, series and documentaries. This petition was initially signed by 126 screenwriters and directors in Europe and is now supported by more than 16,000 signatories from all over the world.