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DASC – Directors Colombia – initiated the distribution of authors’ rights for Colombian audiovisual

Cinema and television directors have received payments for royalties corresponding to their works as from July 1st. 2017 to December 31st. 2018, thanks to the collections DASC managed as from 2014 with more than 17 countries with which they have agreements – it has thus been possible to distribute royalties to the rest of their partners.

After some national and private channels signed, on October 18th. 2019, the agreement which provides for the payment of royalties to cinema and television writers, on this past August 31st DASC (Audiovisual Directors Colombian Management Society) initiated the payment with which authors of major audiovisual works will at last enjoy the legal recognition of their royalties for the airing of their productions in such programs.

Thanks to the Pepe Sanchez Law, which expected to achieve the recognition of talent and input from audiovisual directors to the cultural industry in Colombia (positioned as the third country in the world in production and export of television novels), and the collections of DASC, together with the agreements that have been reached with over 17 countries, more than 80 cinematographic and television novel authors have already received a retroactive payment corresponding to their works as from July 1st. 2017 to August 31st. 2018; nevertheless, as from 2014 collections from abroad have also been made, which benefit the partners of DASC as well.

Mario Mitrotti (president), Teresa Saldarriaga (vice-president), Camila Loboguerrero (General Secretary), as well as their legal advisor Adriana Saldarriaga and Clara Rojas (Rapporteur for the Pepe Sanchez Law), and also creators of the important Pepe Sanchez Law have been in charge of looking after and making a reality the fact that, directors such as Mario Rivero, Rodrigo Triana, Liliana Bocanegra, Sergio Osorio, María Cecilia Jaramillo and many others, are enjoying today a benefit for which they have been fighting for many years.

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