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DBCA calls Brazilian Audiovisual Creators to declare their works

DBCA – Brazilian Film and Audiovisual Directors calls upon over 300 audiovisual authors and/or their heirs, in their territory, to collect the rights for the retransmission of their works in countries like Argentina or Spain.

DBCA, a collective management association, leader in the management of audiovisual authors’ rights and founding member of the FESAAL – Latin American Audiovisual Authors´ Federation, which gathers over 500 television, documentaries, feature films and animated films directors, as per the dispositions or chapter 2, section 97 of the Intellectual Property Law (Law 9610 / 98), encourages the public to summon their peers and respective heirs, whose works have been publicly broadcasted in Argentina and Spain in movie theaters, open / subscription-based TV, streaming services and collective attendance sites such as hotels, gyms, and air, maritime and river transportation companies.

The purpose of this call is indeed to encourage creators to ensure the availability of their authors rights that have been payed off by the sister management societies DAC (Argentine Film Directors) and DAMA (Audiovisual Author’s Rights – Spain).


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