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REDES – Screenwriters Colombia – starts distributing authors’ rights to Audiovisual Screenwriters

During an event held live online, the first ceremony of distribution of four hundred million colombian pesos was held. Such sum corresponded to the payment of authors ‘rights for public communication, and was destined to 80 Colombian audiovisual writers.

Santiago Rivas, REDES’ first distribution rights host

The Directive Council of REDES – Colombian Network of Audiovisual Authors Collective Management Society conformed among others by President Alexandra Cardona, informed, in the presence of 50 affiliates and guest journalists, that such distribution was possible thanks to the existence of a collective management society, which negotiated with RCN Television and Caracol Television – two of the main open television channels in Colombia – the payment of rights which correspond to their associates.


With video recordings of gratitude for the payments, for the social work and for strengthening the profession, the beneficiaries expressed their emotion for the historic moment Colombian writers starred in. The virtual event continued for an hour and a half, and a second distribution was announced for December 2020.

Martha Bossio, Dago García, Magdalena Sánchez (daughter of Pepe Sánchez), Lorena Campos from Spain and Alexandra Cardona affirmed with their opinions and expertise the final conversation in an event which, thanks to the strong bond which unites REDES SGC with other collective management societies in the world, was seen and celebrated from Argentina to Moscow.


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