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The pioneer of rights dies – Nelson Pereira dos Santos

The death of renowned Brazilian author Nelson Pereira dos Santos, brings shock and great sadness for the loss of the true father of Brazilian modern cinema.

Indisputable teacher, as director and screenwriter, of several generations, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, who along with Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (1932-1988) and Leon Hirszman (1937-1987), founded in 1975 the ABRACI– Brazilian Association of Filmmakers -, in an ideal for the defense of the Brazilian filmmaker’s author’s rights.

It was from his historical struggles and conquests over the decades that, in 2015, the current DBCA Brazilian Directors of Cinema and Audiovisuals – was born, of which Nelson Pereira dos Santos was one of the most enthusiastic voices for the remuneration of author’s rights in the audiovisual field. Therefore, as a pioneer, from the first hour recorded his magnificent works, which today have become one of the oldest within DBCA. Together with GEDAR – Screenwriters Brazil – they fight to obtain the Nelson Pereira dos Santos Law – a law that protects the rights of Brazilian Directors and Screenwriters throughout the Federative Republic of Brazil.


Photo: Ana Branco / Divulgação


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