TV audiovisual industry resumed their activities in Colombia

TV soaps and series recorded in Colombia during 2020 were brought to a halt during the sanitary emergency for COVID-19, as reruns and replays were reactivated nationwide.

This is why the reactivation of recording studios and public sites for exterior production was such great news for all the audiovisual industry (under strict bio safety protocols and complying with all requirements of the National Government).

Some of the productions which were reactivated are To love you (Pa´Quererte) directed by Catalina Hernández and Israel Sánchez; Nurses (Enfermeras) (January 2021) directed by Víctor Cantillo and Luis Carlos Sierra; The queen of Flow 2 (La Reina del Flow 2) directed by Klych López and Andrés López; Coffee with the scent of a woman (Café con Aroma de Mujer) directed by Mauricio Cruz and Olga Lucia Rodríguez; and The Villamizars (Las Villamizar) directed by Mateo Stivelberg and Herney Luna.

Recording studios reopened their doors to give Colombians new stories, while respecting complete bio safety protocols. In this way, TV stars will not only be welcome to work again in recording studios, but in public sites as well.

For productions with exterior shootings, the Government authorized the possibility of recording in public spaces, under protocols designed to ensure the team´s bio safety. Caracol Television already counts with recording permits for certain productions which require recording outdoors, which will be resumed complying with the asked requirements.

Regarding cinema, in the city of Bogota there were premieres held under a limited allowance schedule – people whose personal id ended in an even number, could go to the cinema in odd numbered days – and vice versa. Finally, this last Friday February 19th, the Government lifted this assistance Schedule, normalizing the showing of films.