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The new law for audiovisual authors was sanctioned in Uruguay

With the approval of Law Nr. 19.858 this past December by the Uruguayan parliament, AGADU – General Association of Uruguayan Authors begins collecting the rights of audiovisual authors as the only management society existing in their territory.

The sanctioned law consecrates a remuneration right for Screenwriters, Cinematographic Directors and Authors and Composers of musical pieces, for the public communication of audiovisual Works, including public exhibition of cinematographic films, as for lending and sale of physical support of such pieces.

With the habilitation for collection and distribution of audiovisual rights, AGADU – founding member of FESAAL – Federation of Societies of Audiovisual Latin American Authors – moved on with the signature of treaties of reciprocity with its Latin American sister societies and its European colleagues. This means that not only will AGADU collect audiovisual rights in its territory, but across the world as well.

Being the host society for the next annual congress of FESAAL, which will bring together audiovisual colleagues of all Latin America in the city of Punta del Este, AGADU gathers today the local audiovisual rights holders, offering their experience, infrastructure and the best representation, being one of the pioneer societies in Latin America for the defence of the rights of audiovisual authors.

We congratulate AGADU and their President Alexis Buenseñor, for their struggle and perseverance for a right that cannot be waived.


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