W&DW was present at the Higher School of Economic Sciences, Moscow National Research University

On Saturday 26 of last October and with the aid of Peter Carpentier —member of the executive committee of W&DW; Director and Cinematographic Screenwriter; President of the professional group Author and Director BVR of VG BILD-KUNST, the German management company— a lecture on international copyright was delivered to a large number of graduates in authorial specialization.

The renowned Director and Screenwriter Peter Carpentier, has been invited by Erik Valdez-Martines — Deputy General Director of the RUR (Russian Union of Right-Holders), Professor of International Copyright in charge of the Higher School of Economics, University of National Research of Moscow— to give a master-class for graduated students in law and who are specializing in copyright laws, on international copyright, which are the rights of a filmmaker about his work parting from its creation to its commercialization, percentages of distribution, collection and the sad reality that an author must face before a deficient contract with the producers on the rights of his work.

The students gave him a warm welcome, and taking advantage of the didactic class they had an exchange of doubts and queries about the copyright protection of each of the countries in reference to their authors and the culture that makes a rich society which has the duty to protect the work that has needed so much time and financing from its creator.

In addition, Peter Carpentier accounted for the work of the management societies, the steps for their creation, what W&DW is, the actions carried out, the objectives and above all, the reasons for this World Council of Creators to generate a collective work in a constant effort on behalf of creators from around the world.


Photos: W&DW

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