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W&DW will hold its upcoming meeting in the headquarters of the Italian CMO SIAE

The members of playwrights, literary and audiovisual societies from the entire world, which form the council of creators of W&DW, will gather in the headquarters of the Italian Management Society SIAE.

The Executive Committee of W&DW will gather again on November 7th and 8th, meeting which will take place in the headquarters of the Italian Management Society SIAE, with the purpose of continuing with the planning of new objectives in defence of worldwide authors ‘rights, and the labours which this council has been developing during their last encounters with the societies and unions in Eurasia.

The purpose is to endorse the objective stated in the Russian Federation, with the work that the Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters colleagues are carrying out, after the last annual congress which counted with the historic participation of Authors and authorities of collective management entities, Federation and Alliances from across the world, which was held in the city of Moscow the past March 25th, 26th and 27th, where the present situation of the Russian Federation and surrounding countries was examined, regarding authors ‘rights, and the role of the Author as owner of its piece, and where local Authors shared their doubts, their need to form a collective management society for their Directors and Screenwriters which protects their rights, their need to count with the support of International Alliances and Federations which guide their steps, within a frame of collaboration and cooperation.

Besides, it is necessary to continue with the planning regarding collaboration, and which will be the following steps to take, together with the setting of common objectives, about the Asia Pacific Alliance AAPA – formed in the recent reunion of the Executive Council this past month of May in the city of Tokyo, Japan – where meetings with the Directors Unions of Japan and Korea – DGK – have been held, together with the societies Australian Directors Guild, Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society, Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society, Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand.

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