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The next Writers and Directors Worldwide Annual Congress will be held in Moscow in March 2019

For the first time, the Executive Committee of the International Council of Authors W&DW has met in the city of Moscow, Russian Federation, with the aim of approaching Russian authors to advise them and incorporate them in the defense of their rights as authors.

On October 25 and 26, the international authors who lead the Executive Committee of the Council of Authors, Writers and Directors Worldwide (W&DW), welcomed Directors and Screenwriters Authors from Russia and bordering countries, in a session of meetings which were held at the Marco Polo Presnja hotel. A historical event in the authors’ rights world.

For the first time, this meeting brought together W&DW and the Audiovisual Authors of the Russian Federation, with the main intention of sharing the actions carried out by W&DW throughout the world, as well as the objectives of the campaign for a fair remuneration for the Authors in the defense of copyright.

It was in these meetings where the urgency and need to form a society of collective management of rights of audiovisual authors arose, and it has to be led by their own Russian Directors and Writers, so that their rights are defended and properly remunerated, not only in that territory but throughout the world.

After a long time of dialogue, effort and work of the Regional Coordination of W&DW in the region of the Russian Federation —and with the main cooperation and support of the Russian Society RUR (Russian Union of Right-holders), as the host society of the meeting— it has been possible for local audiovisual authors to participate actively, generating a rich debate, which undoubtedly means the beginning of a path for the formation of a society for the management of rights which, as authors, are owned by Russian Directors and Screenwriters.

The importance of an event like this and the high international participation has called great attention from local authors who have felt very motivated by their peers from all over the world. They have shared with them not only their experiences and knowledge but above all, the support of the entire community of audiovisual authors of the world for this path which now the Russian authors begin in the defense of their rights as authors.

Within this framework, and being a very important step for the Russian Authors, the President and the Vice-President of W&DW have been welcomed by the authorities of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. There, the express agreement on the need of the defense of the Authors had the direct support of the local authorities who showed their approval for the presence of the members of the W&DW in Russia and the future Annual Congress of this organization to be held in the city ​​of Moscow, in March, 2019.This meeting generated a rich cultural exchange continuing with the actions which W&DW has already achieved for years and with great success in several countries and continents with the creation of regional alliances such as APASER in Africa and ADAL, and ALGyD in Latin America.

Through several societies which participate worldwide in the campaign to encourage the creation of new authors’ rights management societies around the world, technical and economic support is provided to emerging societies.

This is how the W&DW Executive Council has decided together and with the support of local authorities and authors, that the next annual congress will be held in the City of Moscow, on March 25, 26 and 27, 2019, where It is expected to receive as usual a large number of Drama, Audiovisual and Literary Authors from all over the world belonging to the member societies of W&DW and of local societies and authors.


Photos: W&DW / RUR – Russian Union of Right-holders


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