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W&DW celebrates MOSFILM Studios’ 95th anniversary

W&DW congratulates MOSFILM Studios in the year of its 95th anniversary, delivering a plaque to honor its General Director, Russian-Armenian renowned film director and screenwriter, Karén Shajnazárov.

Founded in 1924 in Moscow, the Russian film studio, that since its birth has produced over 3000 films, ranging from the most renowned movies in Russian cinematography to international films of great reputation, and with the largest and most well-known studios in the territory, has invited the Authors gathered in the framework of the W&DW Annual Congress, to visit its facilities to commemorate the year of its 95th anniversary.

Authors gathered at MOSFILM

The Authors were welcomed by MOSFILM General Director, the Russian-Armenian renowned film director and screenwriter, and they enjoyed a warm reception that served to deliver an honoring plaque in recognition of the 95th anniversary of the founding of this incredible Russian cinematography monument.

Horacio Maldonado W&DW President and Karén Shajnazárov MOSFILM Director General


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